24 Cats That Have Failed Adorably

1. He slipped while sneaking.


2. The danger is behind you!


3. Tried to take the dog’s bed, instead, he became the dog’s bed.


4. Looks like someone over-groomed herself.


5. Time to cut down on the cat treats…


6. He did not make it.

"TREATS?! I want some!"


7. The box wasn’t empty.


8. The least graceful I’ve ever seen a cat behave.


9. Almost able to reach!


10. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Sometimes, it just embarrasses it.


11. At least the dog will make a soft landing.


12. Getting stuck in the cupboards is not so fun.


13.  He just wanted a sip.

"Ooooh, fun, wait -- MAKE IT STOPPPPPP."


14. Not the box he was expecting.


15. Not all containers are great for climbing into.


16. Cat is not happy with human.

"Why did I ever befriend the tiny human?"


17. Attacking the lantern was not a good idea.


18. He almost got it.


19. Can’t get back in the wondow.


20. Cat is really not happy with human.



21. This is why you don’t follow human into the bathroom.


22. Couldn’t quite make it to the neighbor’s.


23. Failed at the box.


24. Plop!

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