23 Signs That Winter Is Too Cool For You

1. When you have a little trouble entering your garage.


2. When opening hours become opening degrees.


3. When news reporters are so bundled up you can barely see their face.


4. When people start drawing inappropriate things in the snow.


5. When your dog changes his mind about playing outside.


6. When your cat doesn’t even try.


7. When the snow plow can’t even handle the icy roads.


8. When shoveling the driveway is just too much to ask.


9. When the grocery stores break their sales records in one day.


10. When “taking out the trash” barely makes it out the front door.


11. When your vehicle is bearing an extra load.


12. When the toilet seat is much colder than usual.


13. When  you have to wear a blanket to use the toilet.


14. When cuddling does not provide enough warmth for the pets.


15. When Wisconsin closes.


16. When the sagging pants fad becomes the opposite.


17. When the forecast uses foul language.


18. When snowballs cannot be stopped.


19. When this thing actually sells.


20. When cats plow through walls of snow.


21. When your headphones are too frozen to get tangled up.


22. When even the snowmen want to come in and sit in front of the fireplace.


23. When you need to take action not to freeze your ass off.

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