23 People The World Would Be Better Off Without

That guy who holds up a big tablet to record the concert and blocks your view.

This smart ass named Jack.

The people who don’t bother adjusting their way too revealing clothing malfunctions.

Any airhead who puts people’s lives in danger by texting while driving.

The graffiti amateur who has no respect for hard working department store employees.

The messy shoppers who leave dressing rooms like Katrina left New Orleans.

These national park taggers who are obviously not one with nature.

The sloppy movie goers who don’t consider the people that have to clean up after them.

Every shopper who is so bad at math they don’t know how to count to ten.

These shoppers that are too lazy to push the cart an extra five feet to put it away properly.

Or the ones who just park the cart in a spot meant to park cars.

Anybody who doesn’t understand the concept of shared public space.

People who may have left a generous tip, but also left a generous mess.


The people who make life harder for minimum wage fast food employees.

People who waste food before they even buy it.

People that create the reason to mistrust unsanitary public receptacles.

Any perfectly healthy human being that feels so lazy they decide to hinder the handicapped.

People who decide that they are more important than everybody else who uses public transportation.

This selfish lady who doesn’t care about anybody else’s needs.

People who seem to be oblivious as to how uncomfortable they make others around them.

Anybody who can’t follow simple directions like the rules of the road.

People who don’t think a good job deserves a good tip.

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