23 Hilarious Random Facts That Will Make Your Day Better

The world is an odd place. There are so many things to learn about. Many times learning about some new truth causes you to think it’s so odd that it’s fiction. But these 23 facts are 100% true.
1. 55% of Americans think they are smarter than the average American. 

2. 7% of religious Americans say the pray to God about finding a good parking spot. 

3. A study found that most people can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine. 

4. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Fart Proudly” a scientific essay about farts. 

5. Facebook allows you to change your language to “Pirate”

6. In 2011, a woman spent $10,000 on “non-visible” art. 

7. The scientific name for the Western lowland gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla. 

8. Paris Syndrome is a disorder, mainly suffered by Japanese people, after realizing Paris isn’t what they expected. 

9. The word “mortgage” is from a French word that means “death contract”.

10. It’s illegal to take a bit of someone’s hamburger in Oklahoma. 

11. Dorset, Minnesota elected a 3-year-old boy as mayor. 

12. The song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston was used by Saddam Hussein for his 2002 campaign.

13. Shakira was rejected from the school choir because the teacher thought she sounded like a goat.

14. Reincarnation is forbidden in China without government permission. 

15. West Side Story was originally titled East Side Story. 

16. Greek mythology believed that redheads turned into vampires when they died. 

17. Frank Beard is the only member of “ZZ Top” without a beard. 

18. Farts have been clocked at 7mph or 10 feet per second.

19. The spanish word “esposas” means both “wives” and “handcuffs.”

20. The founder of Match.com lost his girlfriend to a man she met on Match.com.

21. The word pencil comes from the Latin word meaning “small penis.”

22. In Texas, if you see Big Foot it is legal to kill him. 

23. In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald due to a lack of a clear “r” sound in Japanese. 

23 Hilarious Random Facts That Will Make Your Day Better

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