21 Times The Universe Rewarded People For Getting Out Of Bed

1. The time someone saw this on the corner.

2. When you took the best trip to Walmart ever. 

3. When someone finally found out where in the world Carmen SanDiego was.

4. The time someone got a two for one.

4. The moment someone realized they weren’t stuck with a yellow Starburst. 

5. The morning some lucky girl woke up to this adorable love letter. 

6. That time when this kid got the best birthday present ever back.

7. The time the computer didn’t get stolen.

8. When this person got the fee waived. 

9. The day someone got the perfect bowl of Cap’n Crunch. 

10. The time someone didn’t have to call the insurance company.

11. When the really expensive camera didn’t fall off the truck after driving around.

12. When this guy got the seat with leg room.

13. Getting to bowl with Jesus.

14. When someone got Dr. Acula for blood testing.

15. When you get to McDonald’s for breakfast. 

16. When some lucky person got the boner dollar.

17. When someone found this fossil.

18. That time Dumbledore was at Starbucks.

19. The day someone got to see the greatest hub caps ever!

20. The day this lucky person got to see where all the magic happens.

21. The day this was found in a bookstore.

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