21 Things Every Kid Remembers Doing On Their Computer

1. Used a cheat to remove the pixels that covered the non-existent genitals on your Sims.


2. Played Catz or Dogz when your parents wouldn’t let you have a real life pet.


3. Flirting on MSN instant messenger.

4. Saying all the things to SmarterChild you’d never dream of saying IRL.


5. Dealing with Slack-Tongue and Bloaty Head syndrome.


6. Spend hours deciding between a Chia or a Wocky for your Neopets game.


7. Looked up all the cheat codes to Age of Empires.


8. Spent a bored hour creating masterpieces like this in MS Paint.


9. •?((¯°·._.• ȟåď åñ ɱ§ñ ñåɱ£ Ƚȋķ£ țȟȋ§ •._.·°¯))؟•


10. Watched, and shared, Charlie Bit My Finger in the golden age of YouTube.


11. Discovered Wikipedia.

12. Spent hours working our your perfect webcam angle.

13. Deciding on which WordArt title to use for that essay.


14. Believed there was no way you could have “too much” clip art.

15. Typed out all of your homework questions, word for word, into Ask Jeeves.


16. Played Minesweeper even though you weren’t entirely sure of the rules.


17. Got all your music from LimeWire and felt like a badass.


18. Burned all those songs onto CD to give to people or take to school and listen to in the common room.


19. Came up with new and inventive ways to kill your guests on Rollercoaster Tycoon.


20. Had constant, vocal arguments with Clippy in Microsoft Word.


21. Lived for the moments when you logged into your MySpace and saw this.

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