21 Photos Of People Right Before They Probably Die

Death by booty bump:

Death by inflatable slide (accompanied by mud somersault):

Death by poor depth perception:

Death by man-made bottle rocket:

Death by friendly fire:

Death by storage container stair tumble:

Death by balloon blast to the face:

Death by bathroom shenanigans:

Death by employee playing a terrible prank:

Death by unauthorized vehicle on the road:

Death by spawns of Satan (also known as geese):

Death by torched crotch:

Death by inadequate ninja skills:

Death by over-protective mother:

Death by intense spin by daddy:

Multiple deaths by inefficient swing skills:

Death by inability to parkour properly:

Death by ultimate hit in the balls:

Death by trying to be cute:

Death by air mattress:

And I know all of those people up there aren’t really dead, but I can’t speak for this kid…

Nevermind. Yep, dead.

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