200 Year Old Mummified Monk May Actually Be Alive

A monk believed to be more than 200 years old is apparently “not dead” according to Dr. Barry Kerzin a Buddhist monk and doctor to the Dalai Lama. Kerzin says the monk is in  a spiritual state called “tukdam” and is a step away from being a real-life Buddha. The mummified remains were found in Mongolia in a provice called Songino Khairkhan.

The remains were covered in cattle skin, the monk was in the lotus position. It is believed he was a spiritual leader of Russia’s Buddhists whose body is preserved as a cultural artifact.
It is believed the monk was stolen from a cave in the Kobdsk region and was going to be sold on the black market. The police have arrested the man believed to have stolen the body.

Who would have thought people would pay big money for this kind of stuff?

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