20 Receipts That Show Why You Should Always Get a Receipt

1. At Hardee’s, adding 12 pieces of bacon = making it epic

2. Yo Mama always wants you to keep yo receipts

3. This gas station thinks you guys are tight

4. Enjoy a free pun with dinner

5. This is a receipt from his favorite waitress at his favorite bar, and you can see why

6. This is why you shouldn’t name your child Bobby. Or Booby.

7. Apparently, this Chinese restaurant gives out free fire!

8. The most legit way to write Dr. Pepper

9. Follow the white receipt, Neo

10. Chuck Norris always reads receipts

11. What happens when you order extra pickles at Denny’s at 3 AM

12. Don’t worry! This is a receipt for a haircut.

13. They really appreciate it

14. This gas receipt is a little desperate

15. EB Games knows their audience

16. This Indian restaurant is very considerate

17. This restaurant is so fancy, it provides complimentary poetry

18. Most of us know them as pudding shots.

19. This is inexplicably on every receipt at this restaurant.

20. This Hungry Howie’s has an unusual infestation

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