20 Incredible Sci-Fi Inspired LEGO Creations

1. The Millenium Falcon (full interior version) by Titans Creations

2. Pacific Rim by OliveSeon

3. Predator Bust by Misterzumbi

4. Chappie by th_squirrel

5. The T-800 by Martin Latta

6. John Carpenter’s The Thing Poster by matt rowntRee

7. USCSS Nostromo by Michael Steindl

8. The Matrix by Sean and Steph Mayo

9. Robocop by Marin Stipkovic

10. Planet of the Apes by Sean Jensen

11. The Hunger Games by Brian Rinker

12. The USS Enterprise by El Barto

13. Mad Max by lego-will

14. Alien Facehugger by Norbert Labuguen

15. The ENTIRE BATTLE of Hoth by Martin Latta

16. “Two Weeks!” (Total Recall) by Stuart Delahay

17. The Delorean by Alex Jones

18. Avatar by Piotr Hofman

19. Serenity by Adrian Drake

20. Wall-e by Angus MacLane


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