20 Flawlessly Accurate Cosplays

1. Ariel, the Little Mermaid by Cheza-Flower

2. The Eleventh Doctor by MattEleven

3. Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite by MilliganVick

4. Peter Griffin by Real Life Peter Griffin

5. Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy by Karin Olava

6. Rose Tyler by meganlara

7. Triss Merigold From Witcher 2 by Greg De Stefano and Jessica Dru

8. Xena Warrior Princess by thewarriorprincess

9. Hiro and Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6 by behindinfinity

10. Dana Scully by obeliscolychny

11. Korra from Legend of Korra by l-a-y-l-a and aco-rea

12. Margaery Tyrell by santatory

13. Kaylee from Firefly by prairieharpycosplay (First photo via josefgray)

14. Hermione Granger by lavi-a-v

15. Patrick Bateman via Sparked94

16. Miles Morales by Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey

17. Dwight Schrute from The Office via tensor_every_day

18. Tauriel by The Artful Dodger

19. Rick Grimes by Avery S. Klemm (first photo via Xplicit91)

20. Elsa and Anna from Frozen by Anna and Lexie Carlson

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