19 Truths About People With Student Loans

1. You fear the words “Sallie” and “Mae.”

"Sallie" and "Mae" are the two scariest words in the English language.

2. People love to joke about the never ending torture of student debt.

3. Signing a promissory note immediately feels like the worst choice you’ve ever made.

4. Graduation day just means you only have 6 months to find a job.

To you, it isn't "graduation day," it's "T-minus 6 months until I have to be employed."

5. “…if it weren’t for my student loans.” ends most of your sentences about possible purchases.

You end a lot of sentences about things you'd like to buy with "...if it weren't for my student loans."

6. Looking at your online loan account is more depressing than your last break-up.

7. There doesn’t seem to be any realistic way to get out of debt.

8. You panic about finances every time your payment is due.

9. Paying interest feels more painful than setting your money on fire.

10. The choice between a forbearance and a deferment always feels like a trick question.

11. The paranoia from being behind on your payments is constant.

12. Upromise is seems like no help at all because they only offer you pennies.

13. Being constantly broke makes every milestone in life take 10 years longer than it should.

14. When you’re way behind on your payments, you become terrified of calls from 800 numbers.

15. You may consider leaving the country at some point.

16. There’s never a good time to tell your new SO about the enormous amount of debt you’re in.

17. You fear checking the mail because you never know what kind of loan related complication is going to turn up.


18. Art least you know what terrible things are going to happen to you in the future because of your debt.

19. But hey, we’re all in this together!

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