19 Things Retail Workers Are Tired Of Getting Blamed For

1. The customer not looking good in everything they try on.
The lack of respect you get working in retail from customers is outstanding
— sophie fletcher (@SophieRFletcher) June 22, 2015

2. The pricing of the garments.

3. An item running out of stock.

4. Not having different colour options.

5. Make-up stains on an item.

6. Not letting the customer try on underwear.

7. Not being able to refund underwear.

8. Not being able to refund something that was clearly being worn around town the night before.

9. Not being able to refund a garment after the 28-day return policy.

10. The temperature, both inside and outside the store.

11. The customer’s child spilling something on the floor.

12. Not having tea or coffee available.

13. Not serving food.

14. Not being completely sober at work.

15. Too much Rihanna on the playlist.

16. The cleanliness of the store.

17. Making the customer feel bad because you look too miserable.

18. Making the customer feel bad because you look too happy.

19. Everything that has ever gone wrong in a customer’s life.

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