18 Things You Used To Say That Kids These Days Just Wouldn’t Understand

1. “No, you can’t use my phone ‘cause you’ll waste my ‘minutes’.”

Remember when cell phone bills were charged by the minute and if you went over the monthly allowance that price was tripled?

2. “I’m ‘gettin’ jiggy wit it.’”

Today most kids know Will Smith as Jaden and Willow’s father; and neither kid was born when “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It” was released — scary I know.

3. “I’m totally getting 12 CDs for a penny.”

It was a tough decision choosing 12 CDs to receive for a penny. Of course if you didn’t cancel your subscription, the price did go up.

4. “I don’t even like this cereal, I only bought it because of the toy.”

And your parents always made sure you actually ate the cereal, you couldn’t just dump it out and keep the prize.

5. “Just chirp me.”

"Just chirp me."

Nextel came up with the genius idea to turn cell phones into long distance walkie talkies, however it just wasn’t genius enough since it just hasn’t caught on.

6. “Oh my god, this black light test is making me anxious.”

"Oh my god, this black light test is making me anxious."

Let’s be honest, this was the most disgusting and addictive part of Room Raiders. Lesson we all learned: Guys sleep in jizzed sheets.

7. “Yup, I did it all for the nookie.”

Fred Durst was pretty funny.

8. “Nothing is more stressful than getting the label just perfect on my mix CD.”

"Nothing is more stressful than getting the label just perfect on my mix CD."

It was an art of precision to get that label on your CD without any bubbles or creases.

9. “Lets make it a Blockbuster night!”

"Lets make it a Blockbuster night!"

R.I.P. Blockbuster, we will always miss awkwardly having to browse through VHS movies in person.

10. “Star 69 them!”

"Star 69 them!"

Caller ID will show you who’s calling or who’s call you’ve missed, but you used to have to dial *69 and actually talk on the phone to find out who it was.

11. “More cowbell!”

"More cowbell!"

It’s easy to forget just how big this SNL catchphrase from 2000 was — but if you were around back then, you probably heard someone say it or, maybe, you’re guilty of saying it yourself. And just in case you didn’t know, it even has its own Wiki page.

12. “This stupid thing is supposed to have anti-skip technology.”

"This stupid thing is supposed to have anti-skip technology."

It doesn’t matter anymore with MP3s, but you used to have to worry about your music skipping.

13. “I don’t have anymore hours left on our AOL account.”

Back in the days of dial up, AOL used to charge your internet bill by the hour! Luckily you could find those CDs full of free AOL hours pretty much anywhere.

14. “Be kind and rewind.”

"Be kind and rewind."

There was nothing worse than putting in a VHS tape and finding out it wasn’t rewound.

15. “Let me adjust the tracking on this video.”

The second worse thing about watching a VHS tape was having to adjust the tracking to get the picture just right.

16. “Just call 1-800-Collect.”

Will you accept a collect call from “hey-mom-it’s-me-call-me-back?”

17. “Yeah, he’s super metrosexual.”

Seriously, when was the last time you called someone a metrosexual?

18. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

If you’re old enoug, you probably read that phrase is Bill Clinton’s voice.

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