18 DIY Fleshlights For Really Lonely Men

An tip you should know before trying any of these, don’t forget the lube!
1. Sponges, a latex glove, and a Pringles container

2. A hollowed-out cucumber, duct tape, and rubber bands


3. A plastic tennis ball container, a rubber kitchen glove, a box of Magnum XL lubricated condoms, thick rubber bands, and a diaper


4. A latex glove, two sponges, and tall cup


5. Corn starch and water, you will also need a cup and stck during the making process of this one


6. Sponges, a bottle with top cut off, bubble wrap, and tape


7. A KFC chicken wings bucket, toilet paper tube, a latex glove, and tape


8. A roll of toilet paper and a condom


9. Socks, a latex glove, rubber bands, two belts, and some towels


10. A towel, a latex glove, rubber bands, and a belt


11. A tall bottle with top cut off, a latex glove, a rubber kitchen glove, two hair ties, and a small towel


12. Pipe insulation, bubble wrap, and rubber bands


13. Four balloons, duct tape. a latex glove, and a thermos


14. Latex glove and all the air in your lungs


15. Stuffing from a pillow, a plastic bottle, a condom, a pair of scissors, and a lighter


16. PVC pipe, some cotton, and a condom


17. Sealable bag, rubber bands, and a couch


18. A banana peel if you’re really desperate!

Disclaimer: DIY at your own risk, we cannot guarantee that these fleshlights are safe.

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