17 Reasons Why Winter Is The Biggest Jerk Of All The Seasons

Florida seems like a great place to live during the winter.

You can’t forget to bring your pets in for the night

Everyone hates cold feet on their back

The bathroom becomes a freezing torture chamber

The Heating bills are astronomical

Bikes are totally dangerous

Your friends with Snow tires are always being smug

And regular tires are just useless

It takes some convincing to get your boss to give you the snow day off

Uggs, Uggs everywhere

Everywhere you go, you end up next to a cougher

Marshmallow puff jackets are just not sexy

The static every time you remove your beanie

You can never find a matching pair of gloves

First warning of a storm and the stores are sold out of all the essentials

Winter just always seems to be giving you a dirty look

And sometimes Winter just come on a little too strong!

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