17 People Who Have Failed At 2015 Already

1. Any one who started their new year’s resolution like this.

2. All the people who were third wheels at midnight.

3. And all the 9th wheels of the world.

4. Those who took their revenge.

5. Everyone who just partied too hard and had to have a little nap before midnight.

6. All the people that went back to work and realised that their colleagues can’t cope without them.

7. Or anyone who went back to work and found out that their colleagues had some extra time on their hands over the Christmas period.

8. The many people who woke up on the first light of 2015 with a few more cracks in their life.

9. The fast food workers who didn’t enjoy their New Year’s Eve shift.

10. And all the people working hungover the next day.
“My name is Alona.”

11. All the electrical devices that never thought they’d live this long.

12. The recipient of this happy New Year text.

13. All of us who just started 2015 on the wrong foot.

14. Anyone who just seemed to lose their way a little.

15. All the unlucky people whose neighbours decided 2015 was the year to tell the truth.

16. This guy.

17. And finally, this kid’s parents.

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