17 Apps That Can Help You Kick Bad Habits

1. Bad Habit: Turning off your alarm (or hitting snooze 100 times)

Five more minutes seems so harmless. Until it’s two hours and you’re late for everything.
Fix it with: Math Alarm

Solving a simple math problem is the only way to silence this alarm. Just that little bit of brain activity will wake you up and make it easier to get out of bed. A similar app is available for Android.
2. Bad Habit: Being a slob

No one likes cleaning, but ignoring a mess won’t make it go away. It will make your social life disappear, though.
Fix it with: UnFuckYourHabitat

UFYH turns dreaded chores into bite-sized tasks and challenges, with a hefty dose of “filthy” language for motivation. Available for iOS and Android.
(And if it’s your roommates who are slobs, try Chorma)

Never fight over whose turn it was to do the dishes again. Chorma makes it easy to coordinate who does what even when no one’s home (it syncs between devices).
3. Bad Habit: Complaining too much

There’s occasional venting, and there’s a constant stream of negativity that makes people want to avoid you like the plague.
Fix it with: Gratitude Journal from Happy Tapper

With just a few taps, use this app to record five things you’re grateful for each day and your life will change forever.
4. Bad Habit: Drunk dialing (and texting)

As if the hangover isn’t bad enough.
Fix it with: Stop Drunk Texting

Available for both iOS and Android, makes it impossible for you to contact certain people for a short period of time (without deleting their phone numbers from your address book). Must have for break-ups.
5. Bad Habit: Tipping too little

Fix it with: Global Tipping App

This app makes it easy to know exactly how much to tip in over 30 countries, in any setting (hair salon, bar, taxi), and no matter how many people are splitting the bill.
6. Bad Habit: Wasting your gym membership

Remember how ripped you were gonna be?
Fix it with: Gym Pact

This awesome app makes you put your money where your mouth is. Make a “pact” about how much you’re going to work out or what you’re going to eat, and put a dollar amount on it. Every time you miss a workout or cheat on a meal, some of your money is used to reward the people who didn’t.
7. Bad Habit: Eating too fast

Eating too fast causes bloating, flatulence, and can make you fat: when you shovel food in, your body doesn’t have time to tell your brain it’s had enough.
Fix it with: Eat Slower

Eat Slower uses an adjustable timer to encourage more chewing and breaks between bites. Also available for Android.
8. Bad Habit: Not drinking enough water

Ryan knows: Dehydration leads to headaches, weight gain, yucky skin, bad mood, etc.
Fix it with: Carbodroid

This Android app makes it easy to track how much water you’re drinking. Every sip you take helps make the little Droid happier! You can also set notifications to remind you to hydrate throughout the day.
9. Bad Habit: Buying stuff you don’t need

Credit card debt is not cute.
Fix it with: Things I Didn’t Buy (TIDB)

Use this app to snap a picture and record the price of something you wanted to buy…but didn’t. Easy to read charts keep you up to date on your progress. Filter by category and quickly see how much money you’re saving over time.
10. Bad Habit: Procrastinating

Why do it today when you could put it off until tomorrow. Because it’s due today, silly.
Fix it with: Procraster

This iPhone and iPad app helps you confront the root causes of your procrastination, like fear of failure or being overwhelmed by the enormity of a task. With a little encouragement, some reminders, and a healthy dose of progress tracking, it’ll make your productive in no time.
11. Bad Habit: Losing your stuff

You can’t even remember where you put your keys. Never mind those awesome Christmas ornaments Grandma gave you.
Fix it with: Chipolo

The Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder that connects with your smartphone.
Use it to track and find your laptop, backpack, keys, wallet, handbag, and even your pet.
12. Bad Habit: Forgetting to pay bills

Late fees are painful. Never mind what those overdue notices are doing to your credit.
Fix it with: Bill Organizer

Available for iOS, this app allows you to schedule notifications to remind you of your bills’ due date; make partial payments and store confirmation numbers; create recurring Bills from a single screen; and sync everything with iCloud.
13. Bad Habit: Biting your nails

Dirty fingers in your mouth? Gross. Nails chewed down to the nub? Even grosser.
Fix it with: StopBite

Created by an ex-biter, this iPhone app keeps track of the nail length you did not chew and encourages you to keep ’em growing with motivational messages.
14. Bad Habit: Forgetting to brush and floss

If this is your worst nightmare, you NEED TO FLOSS. Every night.
Fix it with: Brush DJ

This free toothbrush timer app plays 2 minutes of your favorite song to ensure that you brush for an effective length of time. It also allows you to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss, use a mouthrinse and see the dentist.
15. Bad Habit: Swearing too much (or in the wrong company)

F-bombs have a time and place. And it’s not little Johnny’s Cub Scout meeting.
Fix it with: Stop Swearing

Randomly timed reminders and positive mantras will help you curb that wicked tongue. At least in front of the kids.
16. Bad Habit: Sitting too much

Because most of us go from bed, to car, to desk, to couch, to bed again.
Fix it with: Office Exercise & Stretch

This app not only reminds you to get up and move throughout the day, it also suggests stretches and exercises that can be done, quietly, right in your office.
17. Bad Habit: Smoking cigarettes

Why pay to get cancer and smell like an ashtray?
Fix it with: Kwit

This app turns the chore of quitting smoking into a game. Climb levels and ranks to become the Ultimate Kwitter. Stay motivated by unlocking all 60 achievements, and get updates about how much healthier you’ve become.
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