16 Things Every Basic White Girl Does On Instagram

1. Looking away from the camera trying to look all mysterious.


2. Photos of macaroons.


3. Dressed up mirror selfies.


4. Over usage of filters.


5. Photos of morning dew, because #nature.


6. Food porn, with a special focus on healthy things, because you must ~feed the body as well as the soul~.


7. But also some yummy junk food…


8. Cutesy glamour shots.


9. Starbucks, Starbucks, and more Starbucks.


10. Bridges of some kind, preferably in the rain.


11. Flower bouquets and flower headpieces.


12. Unnecessary blur/flare.


13. More unnecessary blur/flare in the form of sunsets.


14. Their Macbook on a bed.


15. Their pets.


16. And, of course, to let you know they are a legit photographer, a picture of them with their camera.

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