16 Cars That Got WAY Better With One Simple Change

1. Hopefully he found a parking spot that wasn’t…taken.

2. Finally, Mario Kart got a 12V adapter!

3. None shall pass (me on the shoulder)

4. Never skip Wiper Day.

5. Thank god Episode VII isn’t about Luke’s mid-life crisis

6. If only Mazda made cars with infinite trunk space.

7. Oh no, Rob Schneider’s in front of me again.

8. All car accident disputes shall be settled in Smash from now on (but it was probably the guy playing Smash Bros. instead of watching the road)

9. Hope the warranty covers memes.

10. “Is this the Krusty Krab’s wheel rim?”

11. “Good news, everyone!”

12. “Be you angels?”

13. Time to start ordering random things off Amazon

14. Gotta crash ‘em all.

15. It’s a lot like Epona, except feeding it carrots doesn’t do much.

16. Thank you and goodbye, courtesy of famous windshield wiper/actor Nicolas Cage

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