15 Weirdest Toys Featured At The 2015 New York Toy Fair

1. Perfect Petzzz

It’s like the most low maintenance pet possible; You don’t have to feed it, clean up after it, or even socialize with it. It literally just lays there and breathes. Plus it’s not alive.
2. Patch – Stinky Pig

A much less pleasant version of “Hot Potato.” I mean would you want to be the one holding a pig while it farts?
3. BigMouth Inc. – Potty Piano

I bet Mozart came up with some great music while sitting on the throne!
4. Kikkerland – Solar Pope

Who needs a bobblehead when you can have a solar powered waving Pope!
5. BigMouth Inc. – Doo Doo Head

Now you can wear the expression of the poop emoji on your own face!
6. Goliath – Who Tooted?

Speaking of smelly things from your backside, how about a who farted guessing game. Each player has a controller hidden underneath a table. The game picks one controller at random, which lights up and that person presses the button on their controller. Once the guy farts, everyone tries to guess who it was.
7. Otherland Toys – Nixies

You’ve probably seen the fake toy goldfish pets, but now you can have a fake miniature toy mermaid pet.
8. Underground – Life Size Chewbacca

Well maybe not quite Wookie life size, but maybe chibi Wookie life size.
9. Little Ego – Bubble Dream Edition

It doesn’t really do anything but sit there and look sexy, and maybe turn you on. Not recommended for children.
10. Orbeez – Luxury Spa

You just soak these little balls in water and watch them grow, then stick your feet in and relax while they vibrate and massage them.
11. Underground – Light Saber BBQ Tongs

Come to the grilled side.
12. BigMouth Inc. Tiny Hands

Possible the creepiest toy of the season…
13. Sbyke

Is it a bike or a scooter? I guess that’s for you to decide.
14. Jelly Belly – Bubbly

They may taste like champagne, but unfortunately they don’t get you drunk like champagne.
15. Mechanical Displays Doll

Is it just me or does this doll seem really menacing?

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