15 Pranks That You Can Pull Without Hurting Anyone

1. It may look like orange drink, but they won’t want to drink it.

2. Cover a bar of soap in clear nail polish, and drive your friends crazy when they won’t be able to lather up.

3. Caramel onions will certainly annoy anyone with a sweet tooth.

4. Cotton balls will stick to pretty much anything once they’re cold.

5. Add a bouillon cube to a shower head to get soup from the shower.

6. If you’re really good with baking, you can create this fake asparagus out of fondant!

7. Replace the cream in Oreos with toothpaste for disturbing taste.

8. Cut holes in paper towel rolls and then stick a glow stick in them. If you leave them in bushes or trees, you’re sure to freak someone out.

9. Replace someones chicken nuggets with a healthier option, maybe send a hint.

10. Stick some googley eyes on everything in your friend’s fridge for a fun and cute prank.

11. Dry out some nail polish on wax paper and then put the dried “spill” on someone’s clothes or bed.

12. Create “cream cheese deodorant.”

13. When it’s your turn to bring dessert, bring these “Brown Es” instead.

14. Dry some glue on a piece of glass and peel it off to make it look like spilled milk.

15. Duct tape all your friends things to the ceiling


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