15 Most Stressful PC Games

Some people play video games to relax and avoid stress. But for some of us, stress is part of the appeal! Here are the 12 most exhilarating stressful games on PC:
Dark Souls

In this game, death lies around every corner with frustrating consequences every time you perish. If at first you don’t succeed,  die, die, and die again.
Amnesia: The Dark Decent

A combination of shadowy candlelit castle halls, the presence of the creature, and managing both the dwindling oil of your lamp and your fragile sanity meter make for one stressful game.

With so many hectic and challenging levels, finally completing one feels amazing.
Alan Wake

Keeping track of shadowy enemies in a dark foggy environment is no picnic.

After working so hard to build some amazing structures, watching those creepers hanging around at night ready to blow up your masterpiece can be frustrating.
The Walking Dead

Being invested in a story just makes those split second decisions that could  potentially decide the fate of some of your favorite characters even more stress inducing.
Silent Hill 2

This horror game doesn’t go for cheap scares, it dishes slow, gnawing terror.
Papers, Please

This game is a bureaucrat’s worst nightmare!

Being a target of every other player on the server is definitely not relaxing.
Another World

Every screen presents a puzzle-like platforming challenge that requires maddeningly precise timing and dexterity.
Call Of Duty

Playing online creates the stress of repeatedly being killed by a smart-mouthed double shotgun wielding prick.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This game takes characters you’ve made and uses their impending death a source of stress
Alien: Isolation

The title says it all, being trapped in an isolated area with an alien that can jump out of the dark at any moment is definitely stressful.
Dota 2

At any time in this MOBA, one bad play or stupid call could cost you a match.
Super Meat Boy

The more stressed out you get the worse you play.

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