15 Living Things Found Inside Living Humans

Squid spermatphores were found swimming in a South Korean woman’s mouth after eating partially cooked squid.

An Australian man found that a spider had burrowed through his belly button and into his chest after returning from a vacation in Bali.

A man from India found a 3 inch cricket in his ear.

A Chinese man who was taking a bath with tiny eels that were supposed to nibble the dead skin off his feet ended up with a 6 inch eel in his bladder.

A 92 year old woman had 57 maggots in her ear. They had been in there for 3 days…

Tape worms can live in human intestines for up to 25 years. The largest ever found was 82 feet long.

A 2 inch tall fir tree was found growing in a Russian man’s lungs.

A 2 cm fish swam up an Indian boy’s urethra and into his bladder while he was cleaning the fish tank. It had to be surgically removed.

A botfly laid eggs in a boy’s eye in Honduras. The larvae hatched and had to be removed surgically.

A fully formed dandelion took root in a girl’s ear in China.

A 3.5 inch fish was found in a boy’s lung after he played the ‘swallow a live fish’ game. Apparently this is a popular game for boys in India.

A pea plant was found growing in a man’s lungs in Massachusetts.

Doctors found a jumping spider in a Georgian woman’s ear after she had been experiencing strange noises for a week.

Two 4 inch worms were found eating a Czech woman’s kidney after she complained of pain and blood in her urine. It is believed that they got in her body after she ate undercooked fish.

Naegleria fowleri is an amoeba that lives in warm fresh water. It crawls up your nose and eats your brain.

Source: The Chive

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