15 Celebrity Wax Figures That Should be Melted Down ASAP

Get out the matches; it’s time to burn this mother down.

1. Jennifer Garner in Alias, AKA Peahead High navel.


2. Jack “Geriatric Fashion Plate” Nicholson.

3. Cher, ladylike as ever.

4. Kylie Minogue(‘s grandmother?)


5. Lindsay Lohan, who actually doesn’t even look like Lindsay Lohan in real life anymore.

6. Still not as horrifying as present day Miley Cyrus.

7. Bizarro Tom Cruise

8. The wax version of David Hasselhoff is what can happen if you don’t wear sunscreen.



9. Breakfast at McDonald’s, starring Fauxdrey Hepburn.

10. Sean Connery as (a tanning booth addicted) James Bond.


11. Drew Barrymore is an actress, but her wax figure counterpart looks more like a convict at a women’s prison.


12. The royal family should melt this monstrosity down asap.


13. Sandra Bullock. This one looked okay until someone hit her in the face with a shovel while the wax was still setting.


14. Victoria Beckham as Not-So-Posh Spice. (Scary was already taken)


15. And finally Bruce Willis as Jason Segel.

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