14 Slang Terms That Dominated 2014

Slay: When you really succeed at something.

Turnt: When you’re hyped up at a club or party.

Zero Chill: Used to describe something that is completely out of control or someone that is so overly excited that it’s annoying.

Get Lit: Getting stoned. Usage peaked at Coachella.

#blessed: There was such a huge upsurge in the #blessed hashtag, that even The New York Times noticed. People have been #blessed this year with everything: coffee, rainboots, sunsets, sunrises, dead leaves, kittens — you name it.

Normcore: A fashion trend that is characterized by wearing clothes that are average-looking, undistinguished and normal. Normcore’s BFFs are white tees and basic sneakers.

Yeet: A term that expresses excitement, it’s often used when someone scores a three-pointer in basketball.

On Fleek: When something is “on point,” or perfect. It’s often used to describe eyebrows or hair, but it also is just another way to say something is cool.

Vape: To vape is to inhale and exhale smoke from an e-cigarette. It was also just named Word Of The Year by Oxford Dictionary.

Basic: A term used to describe people who fit a laundry list of “basic” criteria. If you line up for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, wear UGGs and listen to nothing but Taylor Swift and Pitch Perfect… you might be basic.

Budtender: A budtender is basically a bartender, but instead of alcohol they serve marijuana in various concoctions, like cookies, lollipops and brownies.

Bae: The internet thought we needed a new term of endearment, so now we have another way to say baby or babe.

 Hangry: When you are so hungry that you start getting really angry.

Bye, Felicia: When someone is leaving or you want someone to leave that you really couldn’t care less about. Your amount of caring in you is so minuscule that you just change their name to Felicia.

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