12 Underwear For Gamers That Will Bring Your Butt To A Whole New Level

1. First-Gen Pokemon Starter Boyshorts by MakersWay

2. Link’s Awakening DX Underwear byDisturbinglyAdorable

3. Dragon Quest Slime Boxer Briefs via rakuten

4. Companion Cube Underwear by J!NX

5. High-Waisted Yoshi Underwear by Lynn’s Rags

6. Boo-Bra via loveoutoflust

7. Link-Inspired Shorts by The Geek Garden


8. “Achievement Unlocked” Underwear by SPLITREASON

9. Hand-Painted X-Box 360 Controller Bra by SceeneShoes

10. Handmade Question Block Bottoms by bullfight


11. Minecraft Panties by MakersWay


12. Bedazzled Pokeball Bra by Spicy Nerd 

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