12 Of The Most Embarrassing Deaths Throughout History

Jack Daniel, Whiskey Mogul
After becoming frustrated one day, Daniel kicked his safe and the wound became infected. After having his foot amputated the infection spread into the rest of his leg. Daniel ended up losing his whole leg and dying of blood poisoning in 1911.

Harry Houdini, Magician
In 1926, Harry Houdini was one of the world’s greatest magicians and often boasted that he could withstand many punches to the abdomen. Houdini was preparing for a show when a McGill University student stopped by and delivered a surprise attack of multiple blows to Houdini’s abdomen. He died a few days later of a ruptured appendix.

Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden
Adolf died from a stroke in 1771 after eating an extremely enormous meal.

Draco, Greek Legislator
The Grecians loved Draco so much that he suffocated to death by all the hats and coats thrown on stage after one of his speeches.

Frederick Barbarossa, German Emperor
Barbarossa was a German military commander that died during a Crusade. Instead of taking the time to go over a mountain, Barbarossa hopped into the Calycadmus River to prove to his men they could swim across the river. Within minutes of jumping in the water, he drowned.

Aeschylus, Greek Philosopher
According to legend, Aeschylus died around the year 455 B.C. when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head.

Bobby Leach, Circus performer
Daredevil Bobby Leach, the first man to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, slipped on an orange peel. A wound on his leg became infected and eventually gangrene set in causing the leg to be amputated. He died two months later of complications.

Sir Francis Bacon, Scholar
Bacon was experimenting on preserving a chicken with snow. While conducting the experiment Bacon became ill from being outside in the snow and later died.

Kurt Godel, Mathematician
Godel was so paranoid of being poisoned that he would only eat his wife’s cooking. When she became hospitalized he starved to death.

Sunandha Kumariratana, Thailand Princess
Kumariratana’s servants were forbidden to touch her and had to watch her drown because of it.

Allan Pinkerton, Detective
Allan Pinkerton, of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency, stumbled and bit his tongue causing Gangrene set in. He died a few weeks later from the infection.

Tennessee Williams, Playwright
Considered among the foremost playwrights in 20th-century American drama, Williams was found dead in a New York hotel at the age of 71. He had choked on the cap from a bottle of eye drops. There are some rumors that he might have died of a drug overdose, but the real truth is unknown.

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