12 Convenient PS4 Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

1. You can dim the light on the controller.

For those of you who don’t like how bright the light on the controller is, you can peel off that ugly tape. All you have to do is go to Settings > Devices > Controllers, and pick your desired setting. Unfortunately however, you can’t turn it completely off.
2. Double tap the PS button to switch apps.
Just double tap the PlayStation button on your controller to switch between your two most recent apps. It doesn’t work with all of them, but it is really convenient for the ones it does work for.
3. You can view a game’s patch notes.
Just highlight a game and press options. Select “Update History” from the menu on the right to view the game’s patch notes.
4. You can turn off unwanted notifications.

PS4 has a few default notification settings that can be just as annoying as push notification on your phone. Fortunately there’s also a way to disable them just like most apps on your phone! It’s as simple as just going in to settings > notifications then unchecking a few boxes.
5. You can use non-Sony brand accessories.
Anything like microphones, keyboards and computer mice that plug in USB can be used on the PS4 to a degree. Don’t forget to go to settings > devices to fine tune your options.
6. You can make your profile more private.

Just like any social media you can limit the amount of activity that the public and your friends can see. Just push the options button while in your messages screen and your privacy options should pop up. Alternatively you can just go to profile > privacy settings to make some adjustments.
7. You can customize the buttons.

Of course a lot of games let you adjust and switch around the buttons layout in game, but the PS4 allows you to change it in the system so you don’t have to do it over and over again for every game. Just go to settings > accessibility > button assignments.

8. The share button is customizable.

You can make your share button take a screenshot or video by pressing it a certain way with these options. Just press the share button, then the options button on the controller, select share settings and have fun customizing!
9. You don’t have to spam your social media feeds.
A great way to prevent your friends from being bombarded by all your screenshots is to set your upload privacy settings to “only me.” You can always change this setting on your best screenshots to be viewed by others later. Or you can follow this detailed workaround.
10. You  can set your profile to automatically log in.

If you are the only person to use your PS4, but have multiple accounts, it is nice to have it automatically log into your main account. Just go to settings > users > login settings to turn on auto sign in or face recognition.
11. You can name your PS4.

If you are one of those people that name their devices, then you will love this! Just go to settings > system > system information.
12. You can choose how many apps and games show up on your home screen.

Just go to settings > system and uncheck the “Limit Number of Contents on Home Screen” option.

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