11 Most Amazing Cartoon-Inspired Houses That Actually Exist

The Simpsons House

The Simpsons house now exists in real life. Fox decided to build the house in 1997, as part of a sweepstakes they did with Pepsi. You can see the house in Henderson, Nevada.

Barbie’s House

Having a Barbie townhouse just isn’t enough for some people – they needed the real thing. Jonathan Adler designed Barbie’s Malibu dream house, and it resides in (where else?) Malibu, California. It’s over 3,500 square feet, and it overlooks the ocean, of course.

Up House

One Utah-based builder saw the movie “Up” and decided he just had to build an exact replica of the home. The house sold for $400,000 in 2011 and included four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It did not, however, include the balloons.


Flintstones House

Most cartoon houses were built that way on purpose, but the Flintstones house just happens to look a lot like the famous cartoon abode. It’s located in Portugal and made entirely out of rock with carved-out doorway and windows.

Minnie Mouse House

Minnie has not one, but two, houses that exist in real life. The Disney Company created both houses, one in Disneyland and the other in Disney World. Sadly, the Disney World version is no longer available to the public, but the Disneyland one is.

The Hobbit House

Everyone dreams of owning a hobbit house, but one man actually did it. Simon Dale built a hobbit hole (modeled after the original cartoon movie) with only the help of his father-in-law and any willing by-standers. The whole project took about four months to complete.

Batman’s House

Someone decided to build a house that looks exactly like the house from the Batman cartoons. It’s very creepy and gothic looking, and a red light sometimes flashes near the road in front of the home.

Hello Kitty House

The Hello Kitty house is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The house is actually a hotel for guests, and it is decorated entirely in pink, of course.

Snow White Cottages

There are several little fairy-tale style cottages available for rent in Los Angeles. They are the “Snow White Cottages,” and they are almost exact replicas of the home from the classic Disney film.

Spongebob’s House

There is a small building that has been modeled to look exactly like a pineapple, though it isn’t under the sea. The home is located in Nambour, and it’s a bit of a popular tourist attraction because it looks exactly like Spongebob’s home.

Jetson House

Perhaps the most difficult cartoon house to create is the Jetsons’ house, which is actually located in outer space. There isn’t an exact replica of the Jetson home, but the design was based on mid-century modern homes located in California. The base model for the home was the same house used in the film “North by Northwest.” Sadly, the home is not available to actual tenants.

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