11 Glasses Tricks Every Four Eyes Should Know

1. Put a small strip of glow in the dark paint on your glasses case to easily find it in the dark.

2. Modify over-the-ear headphones with weather stripping for some extra cushion.


4. Microfiber cloths are best for cleaning. Keep them everywhere, and wash them often.

Buy the larger ones in bulk to save some money. You can always cut them in half for convenience.
5. They may not look cool, but these are cheap and will fit over your glasses. Perfect for the beach, a backup pair or if you can’t afford prescription sunglasses.

6. Adjust nose pads by placing your glasses on a flat surface so you can see their relation to each other.

7. Lost your glasses? Near-sighted people can use their phone to see a bit clearer.

8. In a pinch, you can see without any glasses using your hands.


10. No more slippage.

11. You’re spening too much money on your glasses.

Much of the glasses industry is controlled by one corporation, but websites like Warby Parker provide cheaper alternatives with the same quality.

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