10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Old Games Feel Like New Again

1. Remove the minimap

Without the minimap, you will have to rely on landmarks to find your way around an open-world game. You will really get to know the game in a different way when your eyes are not glued to the corner of the screen! Some great game series you could try this with are GTA, Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry, Elder Scrolls or any other open-world free play games.
2. Try permadeath

This means when you die in the game, erase that save file and start completely over. Don’t try to blame your death on a glitch or a cheap move by the enemy, just end it. This technique should give you a whole new appreciation for how difficult the game really is. Some games might be easier if you just treat each lever as permadeath, you know, where you start the level over instead of the whole game. Alternatively, with games like Metal Gear or Splinter Cell where your primary objective is to remain incognito, end the game as soon as you are spotted. Some fantastic games to try this with are Minecraft, Far Cry, The Last Of Us, some of the early Call Of Duty games, and of course the two mentioned earlier.
3. Limit your weapons

Instead of keeping a whole arsenal of weaponry, try limiting yourself to only one weapon, or at least one type of weapon. And try not to go to the super powered up weapon that most games offer for the last couple levels. In fact, try no weapon at all, see how well you can do solely relying on hand to hand combat. Some awesome games to try this with are Far Cry 3/4, Tomb Raider, Doom, and pretty much any game with a bow and arrow.
4. Limit your healing

You can limit the game to using only one form of healing. Or if there is only one way to heal yourself, limit how often you can heal. Or you could just go all out and play the game without healing at all. Some interesting games to try this one with are pretty much any Bethesda open-world games or any other RPGs.
5. Don’t level up

Sure it’s probably impossible to avoid earning XP, but you can choose not to select all the extra abilities that nearly all games offer with gaining a level. Some neat games to try this one with are any Souls game, Dying Light, Far Cry, and Elder Scrolls.
6. Keep a single save file

Most gamers are used to the luxury of having multiple save files. You can save your game then go on and try something to see what happens and revert to that save if it doesn’t turn out the way you want. Don’t do that. Just play the game through without returning to previous saves. You have to stick with every choice and action you make. The best games to try this with are any RPGs or stealth based games that have lots of decisions to make.
7. Change the language

Try to play through a game using the native language of the game developers. You might just understand the plot better reading English subtitles anyway. Some nifty games to try would be the Metro games in Russian, The Assassin’s Creed games in Italian or French, Or any Japanese RPG in, you guessed it, Japanese.
8. Limit your travel options

No more fast travel. Hopping all over the map instantly just makes the game too easy. Also try to eliminate other travel options, for example, in the GTA games, try limiting yourself to only getting around using bicycles and your own virtual feet. Any open-world game is best to try this on.
9. Really get into the role-playing aspect of the game

I bet you make most of your decisions on an RPG based on which will get you the best treasure or coolest battle. But why not try to actually get into your character. Give them a back story and a personality. Make all of their decisions based on whet they would choose. Or combine it with the aspect of a tabletop RPG and roll some dice to make the decisions. You need any story driven RPG to try this out.
10. Stream your game

Playing a game is a totally new experience with a world wide audience. Don’t forget to plug in a microphone so everybody can hear your hilarious commentary. You can try this with any game at all really.

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