10 Things That About The Sandlot That Just Don’t Make Sense

1. In 1962, when Babe Ruth was a household name, Smalls had never heard of him. 1961 was the year that Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record and was in the news everywhere, so everyone was talking about him the year before the movie takes place. I mean sure the kid was not that big into baseball, but it’s hard to find someone now-a-days that has never heard the name Babe Ruth before.

2. Nobody had 98 cents. They almost lost a priceless baseball because they couldn’t come up with just 98 cents!

3. Remember the baseball that Denis Leary beaned Smalls in the eye with early in the film? Well right there is a clear indication that he had at least one other option besides the priceless ball on the mantle. Is he really just so dumb that he’s never heard of Babe Ruth and he goes for the ball he knows he could get in big trouble for touching when there’s clearly a normal ball in his home?

4. What kind of local town picnic has a wedding cake? And why would they put it on such an unstable table?


5. The kids basically engineered a freaking bomb that blew up their tree house and nobody noticed. Either the explosion attracted no attention from the neighbors, or they didn’t care enough to go check on the situation and see if the kids were OK.

6. There is no way somebody could have been at the front door of the pool house ready to toss the boys their clothes after they got kicked out. There is no delay, even if their clothes were thrown in a pile in the locker room instead of put in individual lockers, somebody would have to know they were going to get kicked out ahead of time to be ready to toss them their clothes as they reach their bikes.

7. The kids are playing ball at the end of the movie with that beast dog like some Air Bud type of situation. Who was the brave one to squeeze that huge ass dog into a jersey? He eats wood and metal, if Hercules plays too rough, those kids are in some serious life threatening trouble.

8. Mr. Mertle had to have been neglecting that poor dog. He’s seemingly tied to a chain 24/7, starts desperately gnawing on anything that comes within range (like wood and metal) as if he’s starving to death, and he never gets to go for walks or socialize with other dogs/people. Sure Mr. Mertle may be blind, but if he doesn’t have the means to care for the dog, he should either get some help or give him up.

9. The kids fading from existence at the end of the movie is just plain creepy. It is too eerie of a representation of the kids moving on.


10. How could you not know what s’mores are? ”How can I have some more if I haven’t had any yet?” That’s a line that seems like it belongs in an Abbott and Costello routine.

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