10 Star Wars Cosplays That Are TOTALLY Inaccurate

1. Close, but that is Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. Nice try.

2. Yoda with a tail? Joke, this is. 

3. A Wampa with red hair looks bad enough, but the horns are facing forward and not down. Looks terrible.

4. This is nice. Except for the fake that every part of it is wrong. But that’s a cute bird tattoo, ya fake.

5. Yeah, C3PO wore glasses. Next! 

6. A Stormtrooper with high heels? As if their job of defeating Jedi wasn’t already hard enough.

7. R2D2 does not wear sunglasses. 

8. Everyone knows that Darth Vader’s lightsaber hilt is black. Pathetic try though. 

9. Boba Fett wore a much lighter color shirt. And how are you going to even try to act like Boba without gloves. 

10. Princess Leia never once looked like this in any of the movies. And lose the face piercing or we’ll give you back to Jaba.

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