10 Onscreen Accidents That Almost Became Tragedies

Breaking Bad
During the first season of the show, a giant rock was sitting on top of an RV nearby Aaron Paul (Jesse). Suddenly a gust of wind knocked it off and it landed on the spot where Paul had just been standing. Luckily, he had just asked the director if he could do the scene from a different spot.

Now You See Me
Isla Fisher’s chain got caught while she was in the fish tank during a magic trick scene. Luckily she was able to resurface using a quick release switch and help from a stuntman. Naturally, she was very weary about continuing the scene.

The Expendables 3
Jason Statham almost drowned while filming. He was driving a truck when the brakes failed and he drove into the Black Sea. Co-star Terry Crews said ‘He’s in the water, Now we are freaking out, everybody’s screaming. He gets out, swims to the top, and the truck is gone. Jason Statham is one true bad, bad dude.”

Matthew Fox almost died when Terry O’Quinn stabbed him with a real knife instead of a collapsible knife during a fight scene. Good thing he was wearing a protective vest mandated by the show’s stunt coordinator.

The Lone Ranger
Johnny Depp was riding a horse when the saddle came loose and he was thrown from the reigns. He didn’t fall to the ground, however… he was left barely hanging on while being dragged 25 yards. Depp said “at a certain point you have to make a decision, do I go down and hit the deck on my own? OR do I wait for the hoof to split my face in two? I decided to go down and, incredibly, the horse lifted its front legs and he missed me.”

Gilligan’s Island
Bob Denver, during a scene where he tries to barricade himself from a lion inside Mr. and Mrs. Howell’s hut. Unfortunately,the lion was already in there. According to Denver, it made a run at him, but luckily the trainer was able to tackle it mid air.

Modern Problems
In the 1981 film, Chevy Chase almost died when he was electrocuted in a stunt gone wrong. Chase was wearing landing lights in the the scene while his character is dreaming of being an airplane. The lights short circuited and Chase lost consciousness.

Chasing Mavericks
Since the movie took place mostly in the ocean, waves were a big concern for the cast. Gerard Butler even almost drowned in a 20-foot wave that forced him underwater while filming. Ironic since the character he was playing was a man who saves his drowning neighbor.

The Brady Bunch
In the episode “The Cincinnati Kids”, the cast is on a roller coaster. Before the actual filming, Robert Reed (Mike Brady) ordered a test run, because the camera mounted at the front of the car looked unsafe. He was right, because the camera flew off during the test. If anyone had actually been on the roller coaster, they could have died.

Back to the Future Part 3
Michael J Fox miscalculated the stunt in the scene where he has a noose around his neck and he ended up passing out for about 30 seconds.

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