10 GTA V Facts That All Gamers Should Know

The GTA V bikini model is not based on Kate Upton or Lindsay Lohan as many people believe. She is actually based on a model named Shelby Welinder.

The actress who played the Fresh Prince’s Aunt Vivian is also the voice of Franklin’s Aunt Denise.

Famitsu, a highly respected Japanese gaming magazine has only given perfect scores to two western games, GTA V being one of them. The other is Skyrim.

Rapper young Maylay who voices CJ, and Shawn Fonteno who voices Franklin, are actually cousins in real life.

Speaking of Shawn Fonteno, he supposedly once got in a fight with Ice Cube. As the story goes, Fonteno knocked Ice Cube out and stole his chain.

The rival gangs in GTA V, the Ballas and the Grove Street Gang, have colors based on two rival soccer (football) teams in Scotland. Heart of Midlothian is purple and Hibernian is green.

Michael De Santa’s’ son, Jimmy, was voice by Danny Tamberelli of Pete & Pete.

The rundown desert town, Sandy Shores, was inspired by inspired by Bombay Beach, a failed attempt at a desert oasis town in Southern California.

Rockstar wanted to include several playable characters in GTA San Andreas but were unable to due to the technical limitations of the time. In GTA V, they were finally able to achieve this.

Rockstar actually hired real gangsters to voice characters in GTA V. The gangsters would sometime change the script to be more authentic.

At $270 million to create, GTA V is the most expensive video game of all time.

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